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Bochum is a lively town in the southern part of the Ruhr area, the former German steel and coal mining district. Click here to find more information.






» By car
Bochum is located in a dense network of motorways. On the north-south axis Bochum
is crossed by the motorway A43/A1, on the east-west axis by the motorway A40/A44.
Follow the sign-postings to the Ruhr-Universität.

» By train
The central station of Bochum is served by about 60 Eurocity and Intercity trains daily.
From the central station take the subway U35 to Hustadt/Ruhr-Universität and get off
at the stop "Ruhr-Universität". The subway ride takes about 10 minutes.

» By plane
The nearest international airport is Düsseldorf Airport. There are several train connections
between Düsseldorf Airport and the central station of Bochum. The train rides take between
30 and 60 minutes, depending on the kind of train.
The Regional Airport of Dortmund is even closer to Bochum and has a regular service to
many large cities of Germany as well as to several European capitals.


There are many cafeterias strewn all over the university campus. One cafeteria is directly in
GB floor 02, another one is located in a kind of tent in front of our building with the canteen
right across the lawn...
The Uni-Center is a shopping promenade near the campus with several cafés and restaurants
at your choice as well as some supermarkets.

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