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The Meaning of P
(with a special session on spatial polysemy)

A conference organized by the Linguistics Department (Sprachwissenschaftliches Institut) of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, November 23-25, 2012


Jessica Rett: Locative Ps and scale structure Abstract

Joost Zwarts: Mapping the meaning of prepositions Abstract Handout

Lars Hellan/Dorothee Beermann: Semantics of spatial prepositions in a TFS Abstract Handout

Ryan Bochnak: Innovating locative comparisons Abstract Handout

Antje Müller: Spatial interpretations of German prepositions Abstract

Torgrim Solstad: Interpretational variation and the influence of context Abstract Handout

Boris Haselbach: The semantics of German nach Abstract Handout

Juan Romeu: Cartography and polysemy of spatial Ps Abstract Handout

Antje Rossdeutscher: Prepositional elements in a DM/DRT-based syntax-semantics interface Abstract Handout

Peter Svenonius: Article

Tijana Asic/Francis Corblin: Spatial and telic readings of prepositions Abstract Handout

Chung Siaw-Fong et al.: Cross-linguistic literal and metaphorical comparisons of IN(SIDE) Abstract

Claudia Roch: Conditional interpretations of ohne in modal contexts Abstract

Jefferson Barlew: The banana is in/on/near the bowl - semantic under-determination in Mushunguli locatives Abstract Handout

Siva Kalyan: A systematic way of determining the contextual interpretation of a P Abstract Handout

Tham Shiao-Wei et al.: Directional interpretations with locative adpositions Abstract

Maria del Mar Bassa Vanrell: On the nature of P with manner of motion verbs in Spanish Abstract Handout

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