Example TextGrid-Files for aligning semi-spontaneous speech with AlignTool

The following TextGrid files pertain to the left channels of audio files q1ec1.mix.wav to q1ec4.mix.wav of the English Map Task corpus. You can download these wav-files from the website of the HCRC Map Task Corpus (signals/dialogues). Make sure to first split each file into separate channels.

The TextGrid files we provide here include a tier called "anno.trans" that segments the audio files into intervals of about 30 seconds in length. In each interval, we entered the transcripts, as available on the HCRC Map Task Corpus site, removing special characters. The TextGrid files are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 2.5 Licence, as stated on the website of the HCRC Map Task Corpus. You can use these TextGrid files as described in the User Manual for AlignTool.