List of all projects

The Anselm Project

The Anselm project deals with the medieval text “Interrogatio Sancti Anselmi de Passione Domini” (‘Questions by Saint Anselm about the Lord’s Passion’). The text consists of a collection of questions posed by Saint Anselm of Canterbury and answered by Saint Mary. In the 14th–16th centuries, this text has been written up in Latin and in various dialects from Upper, Middle, and Low German and Middle Dutch, and transformed into long and short prose as well as lyric versions. In total, there are around 160 manuscripts and prints in Latin, and 70 in German, which makes the text an exceptionally broadly-documented resource.

Reference Corpora for Middle and Early New High German

In the early 2000s, a range of German historical linguists started an initiative with the goal of creating a diachronic reference corpus of German. In this context, we are part of two DFG-funded projects for creating annotated reference corpora of Middle High German and Early New High German. They are complemented by two further projects dealing with Old German and Middle Low German. The four corpora are transcribed diplomatically (i.e. close to the original manuscripts) and annotated with lemma, morphology, and part of speech. They follow similar guidelines, which will allow us eventually to merge the annotated corpora and create one large, diachronic corpus of German.