We are working with a large number of freely-written texts produced by primary school children of grades 2-4 that were collected by Frieg (2014). To some extent, these handwritten texts have already been transcribed, normalized and analyzed for syntactical features in a preceding research project. Currently, we are working on large-scale transcription and normalization as well as the application of our orthography-related annotation scheme, including the determination of inter-annotator agreement. Our guidelines for these tasks and other resources that we use will be made available on this page.

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  • Our transcription and normalization guidelines are published here:

    Ronja Laarmann-Quante, Katrin Ortmann, Anna Ehlert, Carina Betken, Stefanie Dipper, and Lukas Knichel (2017). Guidelines for the Manual Transcription and Orthographic Normalization of Handwritten German Texts Produced by Primary School Children. Bochumer Linguistische Arbeitsberichte (BLA), Vol. 20. PDF

  • Our annotation scheme can be found here: [PDF] (Update: 02.08.2016)
  • The data of the pilot study reported in Laarmann-Quante et al. (2016) can be found here: [zip-archive]

Frieg, H. (2014). Sprachförderung im Regelunterricht der Grundschule: Eine Evaluation der Generativen Textproduktion (Doctoral dissertation) PDF.